Daniel Krob

Was born in Karlovy Vary, where he attended the Public School of  Arts. At the age of  13, he composed his first piece for classical guitar and the year after, he performed his original creation at various venues. In those first independent concerts, he presented not only his guitar work, but also his own personal lyrics and songs.

Between 1981 – 1992 he performed across his native Czech Republic and  received many different awards for his work. His first original CD was released in 1992 being launched both nationally and internationally. In subsequent years, he participated in many different art projects as a writer, singer and guitarist. He has performed as a soloist in various bands, participating in their development as a producer and manager. His second CD was released  in the year 2000. During this period he carries on performing as a guest in various musical groups but even alternates as a composer of  original sound tracks for various film productions.

By 2012 he presents his third CD, an author’s retrospective successfully released  in various concerts across the country. „Magic Guitar“, is his first purely acoustic and instrumental work, in which Daniel Krob, the composer, returns to the very essence and authenticity of  his vision of  the melody that emanates from feeling and experience. In other words his interpretation of  the essence of  music. In this work, we hear the romantically reaping guitar, sad and joyous, but experience it even as a tool of  energetic percussion solos, in which Daniel Krob displays his musical and authorial personality.